Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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Hi Friends,

Here are few sample articles of mine. It may help you. Have a look. By visiting my article and leaving a comment, you can be sure that I'll do the same in return.

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Short Stories

1. Life In Your Hand



126. Is Switzerland really a developed country?

125. Blogging - How to make it interesting?

124. Valentine's Day - What is your touch to make it Special?

123. Beware of your Orkut Updates

122. Shocking Naked Photos - Keep a watch on your Social Network Sites

121. How to embed youtube videos in forums?

120. A leave note to all my friends

119. Is the Change of South Africa Football Coach Santana going to Help or Dump the Team?

118. Apple iPhone Jailbreak

117. The Little Rascals (1994)

116. Home and Natural Remedies for Chronic Headaches

115. Are you Aware of Popular Articles apart from Hot Content?

114. Trolls are Just Attention Seekers

113. Blank Mind Helps in Creative Thinking

112. Make my Dreams come True, Triond

111. Points to Remember While buying a Pram / Stroller to Your Baby

110. Triond Best Friends Award 2009

109. Request to all Triond Friends Messaging For Getting Comments

108. Why India is Still a Developing Country?

107. The Stolen Wealth of India During British Rule

106. A Quick Protein Rich Couscous Recipe for Your Kids

105. Doesn’t It Look Stupid for Albanian Government to Ask for Mother Teresa’s Remains?

104. Mother Teresa - An Angel of Calcutta

103. Make Couscous Mandatory in Your Kids Diet

102. Whole Wheat Vegetable Pizza With Cheese Toppings

101. Root Canal Treatment for Your Teeth

100. Rare Surgeries and the World Class Medical Treatments in India

99. Love Jihad - A new Terror Plan with LOVE

98. Stop Your Visitors From Doing Copy & Paste of Your Blogs Contents

97. Referral Scheme in Triond

96. Promote Yourself in Orkut - Get Traffic

95. Natural and Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer / Oral Ulcer

94. Is It Not Taking Longer Time to Get Published in Triond Now?

93. What is The Issue with The Widget and View Count?

92. Five Best Sites That Bring Traffic to your Articles and Blogs

91. Does President Barack Obama Deserve The Nobel Prize for Peace?

90. 15 Easy Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Friends, Relatives and Neighbors

89. Functioning of a Search Engine

88. The Happiest month with the highest earnings

87. 10 best costumes for this Halloween day

86. Save Your Teeth from Plaque

85. Will David Letterman's Open Apology to Regina Lasko Glue Their Relationship?

84. The Malicious Viruses to Attack Your Computer

83. Origin of Diwali - Festival of Joy

82. Benefits of Belly Dancing

81. Potato Cutlet with Tomato Ketchup

80. The Secret about the Great Musician Billy Tipton

79. 10 Different Beds for Your Loving Pets

78. Victims of Paparazzi - A chase for a single photo

77. Menopause - An alarm for extra health care

76. Triond Hot Content - Really not that Hot

75. Rappa, a Drink in Glacier Express - Switzerland

74. A View through Glacier Express - Switzerland

73. Thekkadi Boating - Wild Animals

72. The Beautiful Titlis peak - Switzerland

71. Breast Cancer - The Fast Spreading Disease

70. 10 Best Asanas for Post Pregnancy

69. Tsunami Strikes Pacific Island of Samoa

68. Return of the dancing with the stars - Season 9

67. 10 deadly and poisonous spiders found commonly in your home and garden

66. Surya Namaskar - The Sun Salutation

65. Egg Scramble that Kids Love a Lot

64. 10 Wonderful Mudras with Amazing Healing Powers

63. Ten Best Asanas for Healthy Pregnancy and Easy Labor

62. How to Create a BLOG for Free - Quick and Easy Steps

61. Mushroom Manchurian

60. Pasta With Vegetables and Cheese

59. Key to Sucess - The Right Keywords

58. Pazham Pori - Banana Fry - A quick Evening Snack

57. Insomnia - Whre Goes the Tight and GoodNight Sleep?

56. Do You Know the Real Age of Hollywood Hot and Top Actresses

55. Fresh Fruit Salad

54. Hot Tomato Soup

53. The Pain of Appendix

52. All Muslims are Not Terrorists

51. Ten Toxic Plants and Flowers which are Beautiful and Attractive

50. Want to be Next to Marilyn Monroe?

49. Digitalbhoomi, A Forum that Pays You

48. Inside Kerala - Part 3

47. Inside Kerala - Part 2

46. Inside Kerala - Part 1

45. Attack on School Children - With list of tables attached

44. Lost Found Michael Emerson Emmy

43. The Simple Chritmas Cake

42. Ramadan, the holy month of Muslims

41. Good News for Coffee Lovers

40. Quick Spicy Chicken Curry

39. Top Ten Reasons for Triond to Reject or Decline Your Article

38. Attack on School Children in Germany

37. Everyone Has Enemies

36. Why United States Wants to Scrap Missile Defense Shield Plans?

35. Six Thinking Hats

34. Does Ancient Egypt Mummies Really Curse?

33. Knock and Bang the Doors of Hot Content of Triond

32. Triond Article - Value of a Comment

31. Mourning for Patrick Swayze

30. How to Get Thousands of Views: Tips for Successful Online Writings

29. Managing Toddlers in the Flight and During Transit

28. Mother - A Form of Love

27. Hollywood's Top 10 Paid Actors

26. Basler Fasnacht snap

25. women's Day

24. Rhein River - Night Shot

23. Basler Fasnacht - A Warm Welcome to Spring

22. Cowardly Attacks - Online

21. Top Ten Medical Myths

20. Tummy Tuck

19. Thumb Sucking - A Mother's Challenge

18. Potty Training - Every Mothers Nightmare

17. The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

16. If I Were a Drunkard

15. Five Things You Can Keep Shut

14. Dementia

13. Mother

12. Some Famous Indian Festivals and Their Meanings

11. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and Some Quick Remedies

10. My Heart Goes

9. Head to Toe - Beauty Care

8. Are You Mr.Perfect?

7. Satyam: The Truth

6. Bungee Jumping: The Chilled Experience

5. Triond Turned You Mad

4. 10 Simple Ways to Cut Down Household Costs in This Economy

3. Five Knifes That Can Destroy Your Life

2. Turning into a Homemaker

1. Marriage in the path of Love

See you soon with lot more.
Mythili Shiju

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