Friday, 3 December 2010

Which one is best - Blogger Vs Hubpages Vs Triond Vs Assoicate Content Vs Helium ?

Whenever I get some stupid doubts related to online earnings or SEO or SERP, I always prefer to get it cleared by my friend Michael Dadona. Because he is the one who can understand any type of stupid questions and yet come with best answers and examples to explain his point clearly.
One of Michael Dadona's proverb is "Don't work for the system. Let the system work for you". I used to think, "How can I earn if I don't work for any system? If I don't write an article for Triond, how can I expect it to pay?". My biggest drawback is, I have less patience. I should admit it. I have no interest going deep and digging the function of a system or to spy the work of how a system operates and what are its secret set of rules. I never bothered how much they take and how much they pay me (which is a peanut according to Michael Dadona a.k.a Mike). Because I never took Internet earning or google payments so seriously. I used writing as a way to express myself and to tell myself that I am not lonely. But when I found some thing fruitful out of my writings (check out my payment proof, that I earned around $190 just for a month from Triond alone), I felt to make it more better. As a proverb says "Once when you found the taste, it is hard to give it up", I don't want to loose the good chances. I don't want to write and earn giving up my other priorities like time for my family, gossip with my friends and so on. But still want to utilize the best opportunities coming on my way.

So, now I am all set to work smart, instead of work hard. Yeah, another thing taught by Michael Dadona. "Working Smart is more important than working hard" is what he tells whenever I say "I wrote quality article, but didn't get good count of views". But I get confused every time when I find a topic to write, whether I should write it in Triond or hubpages or helium or associate content or in my own blog ?

OK, before going into what I decided and where I am planning to put my effort finally, let me tell about all the websites I mentioned.


Triond gives me power to write any type of articles, even without much knowledge. Frankly sometimes I have seen some junk articles of few authors like "I have no work today, how about you?" kind. All newbies and totally new to Article Writing field will find it as a great place to write. Because, it won't force you to have google AdSense or sometime of affiliate networks for earning. It is just simple. When your articles are viewed, it will earn. It may range from 1 cent to 10 cents for 10 views. You can also earn few cents from referrals too. Apart from this, triond enabled google AdSense option too (as I said, it is optional and not a must, if you want to start writing in Triond), which gives you some extra income.

Triond has a PageRank 5/10 as of today.


To earn in Hubpages, one should have google adsense and other affiliate networks like amazon, kontera, etc... So, to earn good, your hubs should attract great number of views, as you all know how google adsense calculate the impressions, cpc and all those fainting calculation methods.

Hubpages has a PageRank 6/10 as of today. Obviously it has good rank than Triond.


Helium is also a good website for article writing. But then, it is very tough to get views here and you should have very high quality articles to earn good. They often have some contests and pay good for the winners. Apart from that, you can write and sell your articles to those who requested. But the competition would be high. All authors need to write and submit their articles. The purchaser will select the one he/she required and the rest all will be rejected, which means they get published as an article, just like the other in your list, waiting to earn through views it get.

Helium has a PageRank 6/10 as of today.

Associated content

I didn't write in this website from the beginning itself, as its policy is not good for anyone outside USA. The payment policy is good only for those who are in United States of America and pays only a peanut to rest of the world.

Associated Content has a PageRank 6/10 as of today.

Constant Content

Expects a very high and standard articles. Here you will earn purely by selling your articles. There is no payment for views or for publication. You have to write and submit article, which will be then placed for sales and you will get the money from the constant content after their share of commission. So you should have a great command over English and knowledge about the product you are going to sell (write).

Constant Content has a PageRank 5/10 as of today.


This every one knows and I don't have much to tell about. Now a days people own more than 4 or 5 blogs and one of my friend has nearly 30 blogs. I wonder how he manages all of them without any confusions.

Blogger has a PageRank of 7/10 as of today, the highest of all websites.

So, now you all might have got an idea about all the websites. Now, did you notice that I have mentioned about PageRank of each website? The website which have high PageRank will attract more views.

Obviously blogger has more value and I too decided to write in my own blog ONLY for some time and check out the difference. Not just the PageRank made me to go for this decision. There are few other reasons, like I can write whatever I wish, I can edit it whenever I want. More than an official look, I can give a casual, friendly chat look to my blog.

Also, I actually sent a private message via Facebook to Michael Dadona few days before for clarifications. Here I am giving the complete discussion between us, for you too to understand.

My Questions:

1. If I write in Triond or Hubpages, I don't need to do much marketing, as they have good PageRank. So, if an article is searched in google, those in hubpages comes first than those are in blogs. So, how can I make it through? I remember all those SEO tips. But above all, won't hubpages collectively win and push my blogs down?

2. In hubpages, once when the author is successful (like writing good hubs and have good score), it automatically tags the authors work and rank them high. But in blog I need to take every step and effort of making it popular. Will I be OK in the long run?

Michael Dadona's Answers:


Now you've to proof that yourself "Mythili Kannan" article much friendly to all search engines. I mean, a separate standalone of "Mythili Kannan" accordingly to your blog category.

You must understand, Triond and Hubpages (and others) are using your name ("Mythili Kannan") in gaining high rank on SERP. So, you turn now to take back the reputation property to be yours.

For True Example - Simply search your true name? All theirs and none of the listed in SERP is yours. Start from today, let your own listed at No. 1 and theirs follow behind yours.

Promoting oneself blog is an imperative part for your true earnings on internet to reach Pro-Blogger status. At Triond and Hubpahes you're not authorized to advertise your own selling products or attach any kind of your business properties.

This is the thing you need to promote your own blog and make your blog title as your personal reference on internet. Another true example of mine; just search "My Blog Combo"? What will you see? This the proof for what I meant related to your future earnings. I no need to tell people to search for "Michael Dadona", but I ask them to search for "My Blog Combo" and for sure they'll see my "home".

Now do you understand why I finally decide to go with my blog?

But hold on.... There is another warning from my side. You can earn using your blog only if you have something to sell, your own products. Otherwise, you should at least have some accounts like Google Adsense, affiliate networks to earn some cash. For those who have nothing to sell, as well as no AdSense account, I will suggest to go with Triond, a best place to earn without any of these fancy accounts.

Alright. I am clear. How about you?


Mike said...

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Secondly, your thoughtful and descriptive comments (in sequence) on Triond, Hubpages, Helium, Associated content, Constant Content, and Blogger. Your prolific learning from many sites really have made you professed with the circle and cycle system, respectively.

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So, now is the perfect time to shift penny earnings to the true income and for this case an opportunity must be derived as high ROI (Return On Investment) over less risks. Again must remember must work for it while testing the power of one's own words.

Nirmala.Narendra. said...

Thanks Mythili for such a wonderful post.You have put all my doubts cleared in this post.Many of these points always used to be in my thoughts,and thanks for writing it so clearly.
Thanks Micheal Dadona for your valuable comments,suggestions and advices.You are real friend who helps us by sharing your knowledge with us.

Home Business said...

These all are the perfect way for the people which want to build more money and simply by blogging. Therefore I think all are better and they all have their own importance.