Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Constant Content

Constant Content

A very good site to earn a handsome money, if you are really good in writing. Otherwise, chances of getting rejected in more. Here you can fix the rate of your article. If your article is accepted and sold, you can get a real good money ranging from $20 to $500. But again I'm stressing, you should be very good in your skills. If you write and dump articles, which are rejected in bulk, chances of getting banned also high.

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Jeff Richards said...

Hey Mythili,

Thanks for writing about Constant-Content, I'm one of the webmasters there. I just wanted to clarify that the teh articles are all sold at the price that the author sets, so part of the skills to being successful on the site is finding the price point where you can earn as much as possible and still make the sale. Remember to that author receives 65% of the purchase price so it's important to factor that into your pricing.

All the best in your writing.