Sunday, 27 September 2009

10 Simple Ways to Cut Down Household Costs in This Economy

In this modern world, we have several different ways & numerous occasions to spend our pay checks. Even before we can count our pennies, we run out of our dollars. Here are a few tips on how to save our hard-earned money in today’s critical economy.

Staying far away from my home country, I don’t get a choice to watch TV programs in my native language hence CNN is a respite that keeps me updated with things at home & here. Thanks to the initiative programs & anchors, I am able to understand the situation of the economy. Before the news of the economy started appearing on TV, my knowledge about the share markets, mutual funds, economy at large was close to nil. But hearing about the down-hill sent shivers through my spine. It was only after the information from the channel, I got a little respite from the sudden shock that I got looking at the turbulence created in the economy. The loss of jobs all over the world made me feel helpless as if someone has slit my throat, even though I am not working at the moment.

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