Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bungee Jumping: The Chilled Experience

A spine-chilling experience, which remains for rest of the life.

My mind wavered from the day I planned to do bungee jumping. Whenever I discussed with any friends about this, first advice I got was “You are going to break your back bone. Come on, you have a family. Don’t take such risks”. So I used to put off the plan for some more days. But I couldn’t sleep from the day I heard the experience of one of my friend and saw his bungee jumping pictures. Finally I made up mind.

I fixed a date and place. The place was Interlaken, Switzerland. I started from my location Basel to Interlaken in an Inter City Express, with my family. I don’t know what to name the feeling I had at the time of travel. Joy, fear, imagination, whatever it is, I just kept looking at my watch to reach that place. Finally we reached that place and the adventures team which conducts the bungee jumping at that location I selected, came to pick me and family from the railway station.

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