Sunday, 27 September 2009

Thumb Sucking: A Mother’s Challenge

Most mothers are annoyed about their babies’ thumb sucking habit. But first you should consider why babies suck their fingers, even when their tummy is full.

The truth is, only 10% of babies suck their fingers to show they are hungry and sleepy. The remaining 90% of the kids suck their fingers when they feel lonely. Sometimes they may feel insecure, which can result in thumb sucking. So, if your baby puts their finger in their mouth next time, try to find the reason for their behavior. Look for signs of whether they are hungry, sleepy or feeling insecure. A child can suck their thumbs for many reasons, one reason is, if you were busy with some other household work and leave your baby to play on their own with their toys. Babies that have the habit of putting their fingers in their mouth will soon drop this habit compared to those who put just their thumb in their mouth.

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