Friday, 8 January 2010

My Winning Entry of New Year Contest

This entry won 1 GB Shuffle MP3 Player.

Dream, a place where one can do anything, an action which anyone can perform, a wealth which everyone poses. In a dream, a lame can dance, a beggar can order Bill Gates, and a blind can draw a beautiful painting and so on.

I too have dreams, which used to get dissolved inside me once when I get up. My husband used to tell that I’m a day dreamer. Yes, I’m. But what is wrong in that? At least I can make things work as per my wish, though I know it will never happen in this greedy world.

Food for everyone

There is a story in Hindu mythology which says like this. Lord Shiva gives food to each and every living being of this world. One day his wife Parvathy Devi, hided an ant in a box. When Lord Shiva came back after providing food to all, she asked whether he did his job completely. He said “Yes”. She opened the box and found the ant holding a bit of rice in its mouth. The moral was, “GOD takes care of each and every beings need”.

Oh GOD, why didn’t you notice these kids? What sin they did? Aren’t they worth equivalent to a pet grown by the wealthier people? Aren’t they belong to the creations of GOD?

I dream a world, where no kids, human beings, no living beings suffer without food. Is that wrong? Will this New Year make my dream true?

Home for everyone

“East or West, Home is the Best”. But where it is for these people? Where they go at the end of the day? Where they rest during night? What they will do when it rains? How they protect themselves from intruders and psycho killers?

I dream a world, where everyone is safe and secure in their Home, SWEET HOME. Will this New Year make my dream true?

Life for everyone

If you cannot lead a peaceful life, fearing for something or worrying about future, you are already dead. Death is not so cruel. But making one to think about his death every day is crueler than his actual death.

In this ultra modern world, from the moment we step out of our home, are we sure that we will come alive to home back? A drunkard driver may be waiting at the corner of the street to end your life. Or a stone hearted thief may end you and shatter yours and loved ones future, just for the purse, which has NOTHING in it. Or a stupid mad terrorist may open his gun in the railway station, just for his psycho pleasure fulfilled. Every human leads his life in the fear of death.

I dream a world, where each and every human takes care of his fellow beings, a world, which is full of laughter and peace. Will this New Year make my dream true?

Love for everyone

Every human is a GOD until he is not provoked in the name of religion. A small piece of fire in the name of religion, whatever the religion is, turns all these GODs into cruel animals, which GOD himself haven’t imagined or created so far.

The next house uncle who treats you like a “Son” may turn into your enemy today, if he belongs to a religion, which did something against someone, whom you never met. But since that “someone” belongs to your religion, you might have declared war against your “uncle”.

Terrorists have no heart and no religion. They are just a bunch of living beings, who cannot tolerate others living happily and peacefully. Do they realize how many kids turn orphan by their attacks? Can they imagine how those tenders suffer in this cruel world without anyone to care them? Do they know how many mothers commit suicide as cannot tolerate the loss of their kids?

No. They don’t have thinking powers. So don’t group them under some religion and try to hurt innocent people, just because they belong to a particular group.

Oh Allah, Oh Jesus, Oh Rama, are you all hearing my prayers? You taught us to believe on you, but why didn’t you teach us to believe on others? You taught us your values, but why didn’t you teach us to give value to human life? You taught us to respect you, but why didn’t you teach us to respect each other? Why didn’t you make us realize that you all are ONE?

I dream a world, where everyone understand every others religion and beliefs, where everyone respect every others values and thoughts. Will this New Year make my dream true?

I know all these changes cannot happen in the fore coming New Year. So this would remain as my dream of every New Year, until it comes true.

Am I so good, that I don't have anything to wish personally? Of course I do. I wish I stop dreaming and do something fruitfully in this new year. Is it possible?

YES, Of Course. Where there is a will, there is a way.


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