Friday, 12 November 2010

Thanks and Please Vote

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all those who voted my previous hub about Diwali gifts. I won in that. I am so happy. Without you all, I might not have succeeded. Winning as a hubnugget is a pleasure. I don't get any gift or prize or monetary benefit. But just a newletter going to all other authors with the name and details of winners, by which, I may get new friends. Some wonderful friends, just like you.

My another hub "How to increase your income using Google Adwords Keyword tool - Step by Step guide" is selected as a hubnugget of this week. Please kindly check it here and vote.
Thanks so much in advance.


Jayashree S Kumar said...

Brilliant Meetu and a warm and cool attitude you have to people and the net....

Wish you all the best always...

I love the way you take good care of this Hub as well as your hub(by)... :):)

Mike said...

Voted 5. You want to know why for five? The respective vote contributed by my mind, brain, heart, blood, and nerve.

You've explained it from your profound learning on the application tools related to Google AdWords. Resharing the "Method of Statements" is an another great tool to boost your future blog ranking and I hope this blog won't miss being crawl by Google spiders.

My job here in this comment section is to generate more useful keywords in helping your blog rank higher for both; SEO and SEM.

Readers can get more info on your shared feasible and pragmatic steps in reaching the objectives of using Google Adwords.

Yeah! what else to say as you've done great jobs in making your articles flying on internet with awesome endurance from the practical thrust force that you've generated in the learning process.

My hope, you've shared this blog post to Digg as another great landing point of sharing this article seems a transit airport landing point before continue routing to other destinations.

Mythili Kannan said...

Chellamaa, thank you so much and I am happy about hub and hubby :D

Dear Mike,

I always have something new to learn from you. But bad thing is, I take more time to learn I guess. I remember you talking about Google Adwords Keyword Tool in DigitalBhoomi a year before. But I understood its purpose exactly, now only. Similarly, I landed in Digg, Stumbleupon and lot others, but found them not so great in giving traffic. So, again slowing down in that.

May be some more time to learn about those sites.