Monday, 6 December 2010

How do Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg influence your PageRank?

Yesterday, I spoke about PageRank here, along with the reason why a higher PageRank is important for a website to be considered as a successful one in the world of Internet and how to achieve it. Now I am going to talk about some other outside forces who influence your PageRank, apart from the other factors like Backlinks, Quality contents and Quality comments.

Few months ago, Google changed its algorithms for the search results, which we all know and heard about. It is never possible to find out the exact algorithm used by Google to get and display the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), though few of them can be guessed like PageRank has an important role, Backlinks do have something to do in this, etc...

In the beginning of the year, Google's Matt Cutts said that they treat any websites equally, whether it is a Facebook or twitter or some other, and the inbound links to an article from them are considered the same.

But recently, search engine giants like Google and Bing confirmed that Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg do have influence over their search and Search Engine Result Pages. The links from Facebook and Twitter are considered for the organic search result. Based on number of followers we have and number of followers we do follow and the number of times a link is shared or re-tweeted, the links we share get more weight, which leads to higher PageRank and obviously the cycle continuous like getting to the top in search engine and so on.

Matt cutts in the above video clearly says that, though some links come from Facebook, it cannot be considered for PageRank, if the robots are not allowed to crawl and pick. Robots cannot crawl into a link and select them, if it is set as a Private link or shared only among selected people. That is why many of the authors place their links in their Facebook as Public, that anyone can visit. In such cases, the robots (it is just a file of google, meant to crawl and index any pages) can crawl and index the page, which further helps in ranking the page.

As per Google and Bing, these social networking sites are mentioned as social authorities, which are meant to send reputable and quality inbound links. When a page or link is re-shared in Facebook or re-tweeted in Twitter, they get more weight, pushing for a higher PageRank. It is very common you can see a "Share" button or "Tweet" button below any articles or contents found in the internet. When it is clicked for more times, the page gets more inbound links from the social sites, leading to social marketing techniques, which are considered as quality inbound links to the page, which gets the page a good PageRank.

So, next time when you write a piece of content about anything, don't forget to share it in Facebook and tweet in Twitter. They do have a value. Social Networking sites are not just only for chatting and scrapping as we it is used by most of the people. But they do have more other purposes. Utilize and get benefited. Thanks.

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