Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How to Install Google Toolbar for PageRank - Google Toolbar installation Guide

I promised to tell you about the installation of PageRank tool which displays the PageRank of any website you open in browser. Here I keep up my word. Let us see how to install the Google Toolbar and get the PageRank too.

Step 1

If you are using Internet Explorer, then visit the link

If you are using Firefox browser, then visit the link

If you are using Google Chrome, then visit the link

Step 2

Let me take the Internet Explorer (IE) as an example and proceed. Click on the "Install Google Toolbar" button.

Mythili Kannan_Google Toolbar Installation guide

Step 3

It takes you to the Terms and Conditions page. Click on Accept and Download.

Mythili Kannan_Google Toolbar Terms and Conditions
Step 4

You will be prompted with a dialog box, asking for your option to proceed as shown below. Click on the RUN button.

Mythili Kannan_Google Toolbar Run
 Step 5

The toolbar gets downloaded.

Mythili Kannan_Google toolbar download
Step 6

You will be prompted again for the confirmation to run the software. Click on Run.

Mythili Kannan_Google Toolbar Software for IE
Step 7

You will be asked to restart the system for the toolbar to get activated. SAVE ALL YOUR OPEN and UNSAVED FILES FIRST. After saving all your files and data, restart the system for the toolbar to get activated.

Mythili Kannan_Restart Google Toolbar
After Restarting you will be able to see the google toolbar installed in your browser.

 Step 8

The toolbar is installed.
Mythili Kannan_Google toolbar installed
 Step 9

Go to the toolbar options (Shown as the favorite bone piece of a dog) and add or remove the features as per your need.

Mythili Kannan_Google Toolbar Options

Step 10

 Go to the General Tab and you will find the option to add the PageRank there. Check it and Save the changes. Done.

Mythili Kannan_Google Toolbar for PageRank

Open a new browser and you will be able to see the PageRank tool in the google toolbar list and when you place the cursor over it, it will show the PageRank of that particular page.

Mythili Kannan_Pagerank Tool displaying the PageRank

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