Thursday, 2 December 2010

How do Quality Comments help you to get Higher PageRank and stay on top of the Search Engine Result Page - SERP ?

Thanks to my friend Michael Dadona a.k.a Mike, who always insisted me to give and get quality comments. He always told that even a great article gets killed by stupid and useless comments, whereas even an average article finds it way to success by the quality follow up comments and quality reviews it receives.

Frankly I didn't have much idea about this topic and always wondered how quality words used in the comments of an article be more powerful than the keywords used to build the entire article itself. Trust me, Michael Dadona (see, I am using his name often instead of the word "he" or his nick name "Mike". This is another secret, which I will share later) is talking about this quality comments and writing to me for nearly 1 year and I understood its value clearly (should I say crystal clear?) just a week ago.

OK. Back to the original matter. So, how do comments help in your success? What is this PageRank all about? Why should I bother about PageRank? How should I get it and what should I do to get it?

To understand about PageRank, you should wait for a little bit more time. I am going to write about it in detail within few hours to days. But I will, for sure. So, here I am going to talk one and only about Quality comments and reviews helping in the success of an article or content or hub, whatever you name it.

Edit: As promised, here you can read all about PageRank - What is a PageRank and how to get a higher PageRank

Well, let us say you have successfully written an article, just like my article on how to make and edit photos or pictures using ms paint.

How to Make and Edit Photos Using MS Paint

Now, I have made the article rich with keywords, attractive with supportive images, fantastic with step by step instructions. Any article, once when published, it will get INDEXED by the search engines like google, yahoo, Bing and many others who are all in this so called job "Search Engine".

So, what is indexing?

Now again with your new question, you are paving way for me to write another topic. I am happy. You gave me a new topic to write. Hold on, it will be explained soon and I will give a link here. Until then, please read further.

Once when indexed, your article will appear in the search engine results when searched by people around the world. For example, if you go to and type "How to make and edit photos using ms paint", my article comes in the third place of the first page itself. See, it comes even without giving the entire title. You can even try typing "How to edit photos using ms paint", it manages to come in the first page.

Google Search Result_Indexed_Mythili Kannan

OK, now you may think what the big deal in this. If an article is good and rich with keywords, it will be obviously listed in the top of the search engines. But how long? Let us say that some one else too wrote an article about editing photos using ms paint with the same level of rich keyword usage. Won't my article go behind the scene? So, now the quality comments work as the saviour of the article.

Once after indexing, the search engines will look into your article every now and then, especially when some comments are written as an add up to the article. If the comment is something like "Nice" or "Good share", then it will not index the article again (oh these search engines have artificial intelligence to separate useless comments from quality comments), which means your PageRank may get lower and go below in the search engine result page (SERP), whereas articles which got new QUALITY COMMENTS will be indexed again, pushing to higher places in the SERP.

Michael Dadona sent me a proof of his Quality Comment written for my article (the same one I gave as example in the beginning "How to edit Photos using ms paint"), being indexed by google. That induced me to write this entire content about "Value of Quality Comments".

Proof_of_Quality_Comments_Michael Dadona

In the very beginning of my blogging era (it is not so long long before story, just a very few years back) and my article writing era, I got amused by seeing people writing comments, which are sometime lengthier than the original articles. I didn't had the knowledge to understand that it is a nice way to get back quality comments and quality reviews from others to their own articles which is actually called as Backlinks by techies, and to keep themselves and their articles as highly searched ones in the search engines. Expect an article exclusively explaining Backlinks soon here.

Another point which I didn't understand before but clearly now is, updating the contents. I have seen some successful authors re-writing their own contents every now and then and changing some keywords often. I have wondered why they do so. That is because, they wanted the search engines to index their article again and again, by finding something new in the content and there by staying on top of the search engines forever and ever. What a brilliant idea, isn't it?

So, next time when you are going to type something in the comment section of others article, please make it useful. "What you sow, so shall you reap". You will be benefited by your good comments.


Mike said...

I like the way you published the paragraph 3 of 5 under intro section. You've successfully noted for what things to know next by your readers related to the respective point of advantages.


Understanding the entire content making a reader can accept for why blogger used auto-spam-filter to any blog comment section. A blog commentator (like me now) no need to write up and display any type of redirect URL link in the comment section. The operating system already activated the commentator's username as BACKLINK for other readers to click on it if they want to know more who is a commentator.


That is why on Dec. 1 (yesterday), 2010; Google Search (GS) announced the way how its ranking system changed to give more better results.

GS want to rip the unscrupulous merchants from surfacing on its search results. Everybody can search and read the article written by David Segal in The New York Times; "A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web."

Nirmala.Narendra. said...

I always read the comments of Micheal Dadona on SERP and Comments,but couldnt really understand it fully.
Thanks to you, Mythili Kannan now i can understand the real connection between Quality Comments -Higher Page Rank and Serp.
Thanks to both of my friends,Mythili Kannan and Micheal Dadona for adding my knowledge on this important issue.