Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How to Edit a audio / music / MP3 / Song file

Do you like to edit a portion of a music / audio file like MP3 or want to divide the file into two portions? Do you have a song which is too lengthy to be embedded in your video and want to have only a part of that in your video. Don’t worry, it is too easy to do.

Here is a very easy and quick way to do, with a free music editing software. Let me start with an example. I have an MP3 file below, which is more than 8 minutes in length. But I want only the saxophone music which plays for the first 2 minutes, to embed in one of my videos. So, here is what I did.

The software can be downloaded from the website of Audacity.

1. Go to the link -

2. Click on the download audacity for windows option (select the version you wish)

Mythili Kannan_Audacity download

3. It takes you to the page, where the exe file is available to download. Click on it.

Mythili Kannan_Audacity Exe File download

4. Run the exe file.

Mythili Kannan_Audacity Run Exe file

5. The download starts and asks whether to Install. Click on Install and select the language and location to save the file as per your need.

Mythili Kannan_Audacity Installation Process

Mythili Kannan_Audacity Install

6. Once when the installation is done, you can start playing with your music files.

7. Open the application by going to the start up menu.

Mythili Kannan_Open Audacity Applicaiton

8. Open the music file you want to edit.

Mythili Kannan_Open MP3 file in Audacity

9. Now click on the starting point you want in the music. With the left click of your mouse, drag till the point you want to have in that music file. You can see in the below file that I have selected the first 2 minutes (shown in grey portion).

Mythili Kannan_Select Music Portion in MP3 Audacity file

10. Now copy the portion. You can either do Ctrl + C or go to the Top Edit menu, and select Copy.

Mythili Kannan_Audacity Copy MP3 file portion

11. Now open a new file, by going to the menu File à New

Mythili Kannan_Audacity New MP3 file

12. Go to Edit à Paste which will then paste the portion you have copied from your original MP3 file.
Mythili Kannan_Audacity Paste the MP3 file portion

13. Click on the Green button (Play) and check whether the portion copied is correct and which is the actual need of you.

Mythili Kannan_Audacity Play and Verify MP3 file

14. Are you satisfied? If no, then repeat the above step of selecting the required portion exactly and copying into a new file. If yes, then Click on the menu File à Export to save the file.
Mythili Kannan_Audacity Export MP3 file

15. Save the file in MP3 format as shown here.
Mythili Kannan_Save Audacity MP3 file format

16. Now it is all done. Here is the edited file.

17. See here, how I have embedded the music I cut from the whole file in my video file loaded in you tube :-)

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