Tuesday, 29 September 2009

10 Wonderful Mudras with Amazing Healing Powers

Magics With Fingers.

Mudras, which are also mentioned as finger yoga in western countries, are very simple hand postures, but yet very powerful. They have the miracle of healing lot of health issues. There are lots of Mudras found in Yoga. Here are the top ten Mudras, with healing powers. You will not be able to see the changes on the first day itself. Regular practices will show you the miracles.

Though Mudras are mostly associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, it has nothing do with the religions. Mudras are all about making simple postures with your hands and fingers, giving benefits to your health and healing power to your body.

Points to Note before starting

1. All postures should be done gently. Fingers should not be pressed hard.
2. Need regular practice. You cannot expect miracles within few days.
3. It is good to do the Mudras in the provided order, though it won’t do any harm if the order is changed.
4. It has nothing to do with religions.

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