Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Eight Easy Ways To Keep Yourself Active While Turning Old - Celebrating Old age

Today while returning from school after dropping my son, nearly 15 "Young in Heart, but Aged by Years count" people (few women and most men), got into the tram along with me. All those 15 people were around of age 70 and above. They were chatting and laughing when they got into the tram. Later, they continued the same after getting into the tram also. One of the men from the group got up and acted like a woman in the same group who was complaining little about her back ache. He stood and walked like a very old woman, with a bent back and laughed at his friend saying "Cheer UP lady".

Frankly, I couldn't able to hide the smile on my face and my mind started thinking about my grandparents.... and in general, all those elderly people from my place, a small village in south most India. In my place, if elderly people behave like kids (I mean enjoying life, laughing and mocking, getting wet in rain and running), then people around will start saying comments like "Oh is this needed for him/her in this age?". The society has always put an expectation and unwritten laws in the shoulders of the elder people, that they need to be serious and strict, and being funny will show them cheap. While thinking more deep, most of the elders in India are totally dependent on their kids when the turn old, and there by they abide by the set of rules, to gain their respect.
So, here are few ways to keep yourself free and active even during your old age.

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