Monday, 15 November 2010

Shetoldme.... The Secret


Yes, she told me the secret of how to get more traffic and even earn revenue through google adsense. Are you not able to breath through the waves of Digg? Just lost in the deep woods of Stumbleupon? Got into the hands of Redcage? Got a slap in your face by the facebook? May be she can help you.

Alright, no more draggings. Here is the secret.

shetoldme is a site, where you can share your articles (just giving scoops) and get traffic to your websites. The added advantage is, if you have google adsense account, you can make use of it and earn extra revenue from here.

Just explore and find it yourself shetoldme


Mike said...

The first and must be the foremost, anything we want to involve, we must get the clear figure about motive and objectives. It's very important as to measure our capacity and capability to match with the requirements along the way to reach the planned goals.

Talking about AdSense, it had laid out systematically to publisher how to learn and practice by fully utilize its "AdSense Checklists".

Regarding social bookmark sites e.g. Digg, Stumbleupon, etc. the main key of success is to discern its flow system from where it begins and ending point in reaching its landing benefits.

Just imagine, a site justly like a name card/calling card/business card. Without sharing (giving out) it to third parties how could we get the callers (traffics)?. So, learning from this type of nature system by comparison really an effective way in drawing out the right paths toward getting the target groups.

No matter which principle we want to involve and follow because we choose to be a follower, not for an innovative inventor. Innovation categorized into four; create new, create an extension to the existing, duplication, and synthesis.

Once clear about it with mind's eye and to each his own, just do it.

Mythili Kannan said...

Mike thanks for the valuable comment. I didn't check the adsense checklist completely, as it is not in my cup yet.

I have a doubt about Digg and other social network sites. Almost all my submissions in digg never got a chance to come up. Still, will it work for me, in bringing up my articles or hubs?