Sunday, 5 December 2010

My special "Thank you' to Bing News

Though Thanksgiving day as per the calendar is ended for this year, I think, any time is best time for saying a Thanks. There is no such restriction. And especially for me, the thanksgiving session is getting extended every moment, hour and day.

As you all know, Michael Dadona, one of my best virtual friend (yes, I never got to meet him yet, but feel as a very good friend and mentor who guides me 100% in this virtual world), used to give me tips on how I can keep improving myself in the competitive world of Internet. He was the one who explained me the concept of "How Quality comments help to get Higher Pagerank" and based on his advice only, I wrote that entire article about it.

Within few hours it got indexed by Google and Bing search engines. But the special news is, within few hours of publication, it was selected by Bing news and got published in the below link.

While browsing in the Internet, I just playfully searched for the article I wrote about Quality Comments, in google search (of course every author will be doing this and find happiness when it is shown in the top page of the search). My original article in my blog came in some 4th place, but the same article which was selected by Bing News came in the first place (even at this moment, when I am writing this article). Frankly, I didn't take it serious, because I have no clear idea about the importance of getting selected in the Bing News. Later when I casually shared this news with Michael Dadona, he expressed his happiness and shared the joy in my Facebook wall, congratulating me and appreciated it as an "Excellency" award.

Then I started realizing the importance. I felt the joy spreading inside me. I felt as if I got the Excellency award in my academic studies. Oh yes, I got University rank and Distinction during my college studies also. Ahh, utilized the chance of expressing my happiness (and a bit of self proud in between). So, let me take the chance of Thanking Bing News by this article for their greater support provided to my article and there by to my blog. Their support helped this budding blogger to proceed further with confidence and happiness. And a very special (double) thanks to my friend Michael Dadona, who was the real reason behind the article written, without whom, I might not have understood the concept of "Quality Comments" and "Quality Reviews".

Its a perfect time to Thank also, all my friends too whom supported me with and without my knowledge, by reading my articles, rating them, voting them and giving me valuable QUALITY comments.

Bing News, thank you so much. You gave me the opportunity to thank a lot of people altogether by an article dedicated to thank you.


Mike said...

Why I rated 5 to your article? The hyaline reason is you'd shared prominent and heuristic manner for me to take it as a "de rigueur" of how to coruscate thankful to any party who is a collaborator, in this case is Bing News.

I highly respect it once I observed the URL domain displayed as microsoft-bingsearch, thing which is a hard level for me to reach, almost impossible.

Meaning that, Bing had really exhibits the true openness in internet industry, although the selected article published by you is from platform. I really salute to both of you; Bing and Mythili Kannan.

For sure, Bing will gain more "stars" from readers throughout the world on this proof as a 'Method of Statement" in evaluating quality article.

Congrats! Mythili Kannan. Your article enspirits and enlivens for me to do better in my blogging world. Thank you.

Mythili Kannan said...

Mike, I was writing in Internet here and there, just like a Kindergarten student taking a chalk and writing ABCD wherever he/she finds space. You guided me in the right way.

The benefit is seen exclusively within hours of my start. Here is another proof. Bing News published this article too here.

No, I am not going to write another thanksgiving article, as I don't want to trouble bing news publishing just thanks articles. So, I am going to concentrate on other articles like pagerank, Index, cache, etc...

I know you would say, it is all because of my effort. But you know, though light comes because of a lamp, it needs a kindle to burn bright and you did (doing that job perfectly. Thanks once again Micahel Dadona.