Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Digita Bhoomi - A forum to write and earn

Digital Bhoomi - A forum that pays you for writing.

I have told about this forum to several friends and in several places of Internet. But when I didn't tell about it in details, in my own blog so far.

You all might know, what a forum is. It is a place where you can join and discuss (write) about anything of your interest, answer others questions or ask your own doubts. So, when I talk about this forum called Digital Bhoomi, first question that people used to ask is "What makes Digital Bhoomi unique?". So here I am giving you the details of the forum, which makes it unique from any other forums, all over Internet.

1. Monthly Contest

Three cash prizes are given (Rs. 1000, Rs. 600 and Rs. 400) every month for best three posts made in the month. For example, the posts that are made in the forum from Jan 1st 2011 to Jan 31st 2011 will be analyzed and best three posts will be selected on Feb 5th 2011. The prize amount will be deposited in the bank account or paid via Paypal, whichever you wish. In my past two years, I have own at least 10 times and I bet no other contest conducting websites will deposit money in your account so fast, as Digital Bhoomi team does. I used to get the prize money in my account, within two to three days after the results are announced.

Apart from this three best posts, a post from "Cinema / Movies" related topic will be selected and given a cash prize of Rs. 500 every month. This post could be a review about a movie or some general discussion related to the cine field, etc...

2. En-cash your Points

For every post (that are having more than 10 words), the Digital Bhoomi Forum gives you a point. Once when you make 400 points, it can be en-cashed. 400 points = Rs. 200. At the time of joining, you will be awarded 100 points, free.

3. Referral Points

When you refer someone, you will get 10 points. Once when that referred person start writing quality posts in the forum, you will get additional 40 points (which means, by a quality referral, you can earn 50 points). This points will get added to your total points (as mentioned in my above point number 2), which can be en-cashed later as said above.

4. Top Referrer Points

Every month, the person who made the highest number of referrals in that particular month will get 100 points. If no one achieves this in that month, the points will be carried out to next month. So, if you refer more people in the next month, you will get 200 points, instead of 100 points. Cool, right?

5. Clean Chit

Above all, the best thing about the forum is, it is spam free and any concerns will be addressed so quickly by the Admin and team. I bet, you will get wonderful friends and friendship there.

Wanna to join? Click HERE.

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