Thursday, 9 December 2010

Top 10 Tips for Budding Bloggers to Make Good Traffic and Earn Money by Blogging

Blogging is a kind of outlet for some people, who love to share anything and everything from their life. But for few, it could be business, a channel to bring money to their pocket. No one can achieve a level of earning thousands of dollars in one night. Any business to get success needs time and patience along with the hard & smart work. Every effort taken today will be rewarded soon. But again I stress, you need to have patience until you reach the goal.

My father always used to say, "You cannot expect a seed to turn into a tree in a over night. You should give time and your effort to get the fruit (benefit). If you keep digging and take the seed out of the sand every day to find the growth, then it will never work out. You should allow it to have its own time to spurt out of the earth". Today, my friend Michael Dadona said a word "Rome is not built in a over night". Great.

As a budding blogger, we should have patience and give time for things to work for us. But along with that, we need to follow some other steps (tips) to walk in the path of victory.

1. Write Frequently

If you write once in a while, people will visit your blog once in a while. To keep yourself on top of the competition, you should be remembered by people and this happens only when you are active. Do you love to watch a movie of a hero who acted long before, took a very long break and came back now to act again or will you watch the movie of a hero who is all time active and giving continuous success currently? People will remember your face only when you are active. Write frequently until you reach the level of expert, where visitors will come looking even for your old post and never bothers about that you didn't write for the past one month.

2. Quality Vs Quantity

Some people will tell you that quality is more important than quantity and some will say the vice versa. But I would say, it is equally important. If you write an article of very high quality, but just with 200 words, then the search engines are going to ignore it. Because, they give importance to the length of the content also. But at the same time, if you write a lengthy article with poor quality, by just repeating the same matter / words / content again and again, then it too would get ignored by the search engines. You cannot fool them. They know the tactics and catch you correctly. So, make good quality articles with a good quantity level too.

3. Write what you know

Never write on something because some one else whom you know is doing that and earning money. Because, on long run, you would be left with nothing to proceed further or you will become a copy cat, who just copy what others say and turn far away from originality. This will again make your blog sink and not going to help you. When you write on the topics you are interested and know well, you will have the flow, which will attract more visitors to your blog.

4. Build Network

Visit others blogs and write Quality Comments. This will work as a perfect Backlink to your blog and gets more traffic and visitors to your blog. When people start visiting your blog and finds it useful, they will keep coming back. Make sure you visit the blogs which can be related to yours and leave quality comments there. For example, if you have a blog about health and food, then do visit others writing blogs on health, food, beauty and write comments. People who are visiting those blogs may come to your blog by the backlink provided by you. Backlink here, doesn't mean that you need to give your blog name explicitly. Doing so will give a bad impression indeed. Instead, as I stressed again and again, write QUALITY COMMENTS. This will give a best impression on you. So, automatically people will feel clicking on your name, which will work as the backlink. In blogger, when you write comments for others with your blogger id, your name will automatically linked with your blog URL.

5. Make it interesting and interactive

Skilled authors can write on even dry subjects, but still make it interesting by giving practical examples, funny / witty explanations and the same time right on their point. Even if the topic is an interesting one, people will not love to read it if the way it is presented looks dull and boring, just with a theoretical touch. Also, make sure you write in a simple and effective way. Because the Internet-cyber world consists of people all over the world and mind it, not all are well versed in English.

Always provide a comment option for each article, so that people can leave their opinions, comments which may some time trigger great discussions giving way to your article to reach on the top of search engines. Read my article about Quality Comments to understand why and how it helps to reach the top of SERP.

6. Do a research before saying

Whatever you say (write), make sure it is accurate. It is always good to give reference and proofs to win your statements, especially if you are writing a blog about medical field or some latest happenings around the world.

Note: Don't forget to credit the source website which you are referring too. Otherwise your blog will fall into the Plagiarism list in the eyes of the Google and Bing and Yahoo and whoever concerned.

7. Make the visitors to pass the content

Write the article in such a way that the visitor should feel like "This will help my xxxx. So let me pass it". For example, once I wrote an article about potty training and withing few days, I received a mail from a visitor saying that she passed the article to her sister who was struggling with her 3 years old daughter to make her potty trained. After 5 weeks, I got a mail from the sister of the visitor directly saying, she got 90% success and showed her confidence to achieve it within few more days.

8. Hook the visitors

Make your blog interesting, and always give a scoop news of your future articles. Write articles that are inter related with each other, so that a visitor who came in search of one article will keep reading more articles in your blog. For example, I wrote an article about PageRank and later wrote a one to tell how to install the PageRank tool.

9. Know the earning options

If you want to earn out of your blog, maximize the opportunity with various options. The well known option is using Google AdSense. But apart from that, there are lots of other choices available now in market like Amazon Affiliate Network, Google Affiliate Network, Adbrite, Kontera and many more. I am yet to do this step and I am analysing them. Will come up with more articles exclusively for this point, very soon in my blog.

10. Keep it clean

Your blog should look good and user friendly. I should not look like a market filled with lot of data and advertisements with less clarity. You should place your ads in such a way that it should be easily attract the visitors click, at the same time not piercing the eyes calling "Come on click me", as this may irritate the visitors and make them to fly out of your blog soon.

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